Education Loan For Indian Students To Study In USA

The USA is known as one of the most sought-after destinations for Indian students who are looking for education opportunities abroad. A very few countries in the world are giving as many benefits of higher education as USA. Large number of top colleges in the popular world rankings are located in the USA. The opportunities of building … Read more

Ex Lockton CEO grabs new insurance role

Former president, CEO and chairman of Lockton Companies, David Lockton, has secured a new role within the insurance industry. Insurance holding company Obsidian Insurance Holdings Inc., has announced the appointment of Lockton to its parent company’s board of directors. “Dave Lockton is a tremendous addition to our board,” said chief executive officer of Obsidian, William … Read more

Are Online Business Degree Programs Accredited?

Whether you’re a working professional or just looking for a new career opportunity, online business degree programs are a great way to achieve your goal. You can choose between a general degree in business, which will prepare you for management or entrepreneurial thinking, or a more specific degree, which will focus on a particular functional … Read more

An Online Degree in Criminal Justice

An online degree in criminal justice is for people who are interested in the field. The program will teach you the various aspects of crime and how to reduce it. You will also learn how to analyze a crime scene and write reports. In addition, you will be exposed to the field’s psychology, logic, and … Read more

Insurance Brokers and Their Roles

Insurance brokers represent their clients when they purchase or sell insurance. They negotiate with insurers on their client’s behalf and collect commission for their services. As such, they are a great resource for those who have trouble understanding the complexities of the insurance industry. These professionals are often referred to as salespeople or sales consultants. … Read more